Hello!  I’m Sanjeev Joshipura, Vice President – Policy & Government Relations at the Commodity Markets Council (CMC) in Washington, DC.  Many of you have likely heard of me or know me via our frequent email exchanges and phone conversations over the past several months.  I’m writing today to unveil CMC’s latest effort to enhance our communications with you, our members.   Introducing Compendium! (Drum roll, please.)

Compendium will be a blog run by me and my CMC colleagues, which we will use to keep you informed of the latest policy and political developments in Washington as they pertain to your businesses, and assorted news items relevant to our members.  Often, you will see short blog posts about Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announcements or upcoming events.  Occasionally, one of us may pen a longer blog post about our thoughts on selected topics that impact us all.

Please check back on this site often.  May I suggest that you bookmark it on your browser and add it to your favorites.

Over time, we will be introducing many technical enhancements to our blog, such as RSS feeds, automatic emails to your inboxes, readers’ ability to comment on blog posts, etc.  For now, please bear with us as we roll out this communications effort, viewing this more as a construction site than a finished building of glittering glass and steel.

A final note: Compendium is intended to supplement, not replace, our existing communication vehicles such as the weekly newsletter, the policy call, policy updates via email, and our newly rolled out publication, Insight.  Collectively through these various media, we at the CMC endeavor to keep our community connected, and we hope that we are and will continue to be a valuable resource and voice for the industry.  As always, your comments and feedback, complimentary or critical, are not just welcome but sincerely appreciated.