In Case You Missed It…5 Articles To Read

  1. Financial Times article looks at how ETFs are reflecting global trends: rising commodity prices, Chinese growth, and budding middle class in emerging markets.
  2. General Accounting Office examines what is needed to implement the Volcker Rule .
  3. To bring the debt ceiling debate to a close, one commentary believes the markets will have to move.
  4. CME increases margin requirements on Treasuries in WSJ report
  5. Wall Street Journal explains how farm subsidies may die a natural death



CMC Meets with the Confederation of British Industry

CMC met with a senior executive from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).  The CBI has 240,00 members – essentially companies of various sizes that operate in the U.K.  Their staff in Brussels has been active in lobbying European legislators and the European Commission on derivatives issues, from both the end-user and financial services perspectives.  CMC and CBI discussed the differences between Dodd-Frank-related rulemaking being promulgated by the CFTC and the rules being adopted by European regulators (e.g. the U.K. will not be imposing position limits, Europe does not have a “Volcker Rule” provision, the political rhetoric against speculation is strident in France, etc).