CMC Attends IIF Annual Meeting

Over this past weekend, CMC attended the annual meeting of the Institute of International Finance (IIF) as a special invitee, having contributed to that organization’s position paper on derivatives regulatory policy. The paper, in which CMC’s help has been graciously and formally acknowledged, was on prominent display at the meeting, and many of the over 1,000 attendees took away copies (the IIF ran out of copies despite printing several hundreds). The stimulating panel discussions at the meeting were both wide and deep in their content, covering various aspects of global financial reform, monetary policy and fiscal policy. In addition, the venue also provided an excellent networking opportunity for CMC to liaise with senior international financial services executives and government officials. Being associated with the IIF is a positive for CMC, both because the IIF is expanding its commodity derivatives policy coverage and because it is a well-known institution with a broad reach that is playing an instrumental role in resolving the European debt crises.


CMC Meets with International Institute of Finance

CMC met with senior executives at the International Institute of Finance (IIF), which is based in Washington, DC and is a think-tank, advocacy group and networking forum in the global finance and economics space.  IIF was instrumental in creating the recent bail-out plan for Greece that was accepted by the EU and its member states.  IIF evinced a strong interest in working with CMC on global commodities and financial regulatory issues.  CMC has also been invited to the exclusive IIF annual meeting in September 2011 in Washington, DC.