New Mexico Senate Race

CMC broke bread with Rep. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) and gathered his views on the upcoming election, science and math, energy policy, the debt ceiling, and immigration.  Rep. Heinrich is the current frontrunner to be the Democratic candidate for the open Senate seat in New Mexico.  In a state that trends Democratic in Presidential years and Republican in off years, it is no surprise that many analysts view New Mexico as a state to watch in 2012.


Playing Politics Could be Federal Reserve’s Downfall

Tuesday, November 16, 2010; 12:30 AM

I started to write an ironic, playful column comparing the Federal Reserve’s decline to that of Yankees’ shortstop Derek Jeter. Both are still pretty good compared to what else is out there, but they’re sure not what they used to be.

But the more I thought about the problems the Fed is having these days, the more I realized that what’s going on isn’t funny. It’s creepy.

A group composed largely of Republicans is running an advertising campaign against the Fed’s program of buying $600 billion of Treasury securities, and some Democrats are defending the program. Just before that ad campaign was announced, one of the Fed’s highest-profile governors, Kevin Warsh (more on him later), who had voted for the program, publicly questioned it – something I’ve never seen happen before.

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