Capital Alpha Partners on CMC Policy Call

Joe Engelhard of Capital Alpha Partners discussed the possible outcomes of financial regulatory initiatives on this week’s call. He sees the regulatory climate being busy for anyone affected by international land domestic financial rules. On the US legislative front, he expects marginal changes but no wholesale repeal of the Dodd-Frank law.


Weather Analytics Discussed on CMC Policy Call

Ria Persad of StatWeather discussed her weather forecasting models with CMC members on this week’s policy call.  She discussed how accurate weather forecasting involves more than meteorology, and also includes statistics, mathematics, physics and software development.

Multiple CFTC-related Topics Addressed on CMC’s Policy Call

On CMC’s policy call this week, our policy consultants at the Delta Strategy Group discussed a wide range of derivatives regulatory topics with CMC members. Among the topics discussed were position limits, electronic recording, swap dealer registration, and the SEC’s capital and margin rule.

Flurry of Oct 12 CFTC Announcements Discussed on Policy Call

The CFTC recently released a flurry of no-action letters, FAQs, announcements and other clarifications pertaining to the Oct 12 date when many of the definition regulations were supposed to be effective.  CMC’s policy consultants at the Delta Strategy Group explained and discussed these announcements with the CMC membership.

Agricultural Crop Trends Discussed on CMC Policy Call

Dan Basse of the AgResource Company spoke with CMC members regarding global and domestic price and production trends in various crops such as corn, soybeans and wheat.

Swap Dealer Petition and Position Limits Ruling Discussed on CMC’s Policy Call

Last week’s court ruling on position limits and the possibilities/options for the CFTC on that subject moving forward, as well as the recently filed swap dealer registration petition filed by CMC with the CFTC, were discussed on our member-only policy call this week.

Reporting Petition Discussed on CMC Policy Call

Yesterday on CMC’s policy call, Dave McIndoe from the Sutherland law firm discussed the petition that CMC had filed (via Sutherland) on reporting of positions that are over the CFTC’s position limits. Among the items discussed were the substance of the petition, a debrief on a meeting with Commissioner Chilton on the topic, and advocacy strategy moving forward.