Who’s Next in the Industry?

I’m thinking today about my first years as an associate at a law firm in St. Louis.  A legal associate’s first job is to do whatever she is asked – whenever she is asked – and under often impossible-seeming deadlines.  In those years, I returned to work each day knowing that in “putting in my time,” I was gaining knowledge and experience that would serve me not just in the present, but in jobs to come.  There were few professional incentives those days – survival being of central importance.

It would have made a real impact on me had the partners I worked with given me the opportunity to circulate – even for a couple of days – in their world.  I would have met the people they knew, engaged in content central to their work, and felt like someone who brought something of value and promise to the table.

I am sure you work with young leaders in your organization who are putting in long hours, filling in gaps, and growing in knowledge and experience while on your team.  I hope you will think of recognizing these employees of yours with a New Guard nomination at our State of the Industry 2012.

New Guard nominees will receive recognition at the meeting – recognition that sends the message that you have noticed their hard work and see them as one of tomorrow’s leaders in our industry.  New Guard nominees attend the meeting for half of the regular registration rate and have the opportunity to shake hands and rub shoulders with today’s industry executives and decision-makers.  Bringing fresh insight and ideas, these New Guard nominees will add energy and freshness to our meeting – the same things they add in your place of work.

I look forward to shaking hands with your New Guard nominees in January in Palm Beach.

-Christine M. Cochran

President, Commodity Markets Council


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