Europe Versus Emerging Economies

This week, the media has featured some interesting articles on Europe and the BRIC emerging economies. As examples, consider this article that talks about English financial services regulation, and this one that talks about consolidation among exchanges in Asia and Latin America. A common theme that strikes me across many of the articles that I read about these regions is that the articles on Europe, when they are not focusing on that continent’s debt crisis, discuss how their regulators are restraining market activity and practices, whereas articles about emerging economies usually talk about growth, rising influence and future prospects. There is even speculation that western exchanges may become acquisition targets for Asian bourses in the near future – unthinkable even a couple of years ago!

This is not to say that emerging economies don’t have their problems – Brazil is battling a rising real, China is concerned about potential overheating in its economy and India’s bane is corruption – and not all is wrong in Europe (Germany, the continent’s biggest economy, has resumed its role as a manufacturing and export powerhouse in the aftermath of the financial crisis), but one wonders if these selected representations in the media (shall we call them trends?) are a harbinger of things to come.


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