Today marks my 7th anniversary with CMC and writing this post drives home the nimbleness and adaptability of the Council.  When I joined the group, we were still the National Grain Trade Council.  Blogging was not in my job description and I worked almost exclusively on international trade agreements, farm bills, and futures issues.  To keep pace with the changing world of our members, we have focused our policy efforts on financial regulatory reform, broadened our network of contacts both domestically and globally, and retooled our annual meeting into a world-class event.

CMC’s brand is growing and in large part because it is built on a foundation that hasn’t changed for decades: we are a voice for open, competitive markets.  Our members are committed to our mission and it guides every policy position we take.  Every day we work to educate people about how markets work and how best to keep them competitive.  This is no small task as we slog through the implementation of Dodd-Frank.  And our work is made even more important as US regulators are leading the global push for regulatory reform.

Christine M. Cochran

President, Commodity Markets Council


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