Monthly Energy Review, March 2011 Release

The March 2011 Monthly Energy Review (MER), EIA’s primary report of recent energy statistics, was released on March 29, 2011.  This month’s MER includes the first complete set of 2010 preliminary statistics for U.S. total energy consumption, production, trade, and carbon dioxide emissions.  Preliminary data indicate that in 2010:

  • U.S. primary energy consumption totaled 98 quadrillion Btu, a 4% increase from 2009.  Petroleum consumption increased 2%, natural gas consumption increased 6%, coal consumption increased 5%, nuclear electric power consumption increased 1%, and renewable energy consumption increased 6%.
  • U.S. primary energy production totaled 75 quadrillion Btu, a 3% increase compared with 2009.  Fossil fuels accounted for 78% of primary energy production, nuclear electric power accounted for 11% of primary energy production, and renewable energy accounted for 11% of primary energy production.

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