Obama Appoints Williamson To Two-Year Term As ITC Vice Chairman

(Via Inside U.S. Trade)

President Barack Obama late last month appointed Irving Williamson to a two-year term as vice chairman of the International Trade Commission (ITC). His term in that position will expire on June 16, 2012, according to a formal notification sent from the White House to House and Senate leadership on Oct. 29.

In June 2012, Williamson will have two years left in his term as an ITC commissioner, which expires in June 2014.

Williamson is filling the slot left vacant on June 16, 2010 by fellow ITC commissioner Daniel Pearson, who ceased serving as vice chairman on that day as part of the legally required rotation of the ITC’s chairmen and vice chairmen between Republican and Democratic appointees.

Pearson, who was designated by congressional Republicans for his slot on the ITC, had to be replaced by a commissioner designated by congressional Democrats. Pearson’s term as an ITC commissioner will expire in June 2011.

As part of the mandated rotation for chairmen, Deanna Tanner Okun assumed the position of chairman earlier this year. She replaced Shara Aranoff, who was appointed by Democrats.

Okun will hold that slot until Obama appoints another sitting commissioner of the Republican party to that position, or until Congress confirms a successor to Okun and the president appoints that successor to be the new chairman.

Okun became ITC chairman because the White House had not appointed a chairman to replace her. In that scenario, the longest-serving ITC commissioner of the opposite political party from the previous chairman becomes the new chairman, which in this case was Okun (Inside U.S. Trade, June 18).

Okun’s term as a commissioner expired on June 16, 2008, but she continues to serve until a successor is named, as is customary at the ITC.


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